Teacher’s Day in PICLC

On September 10, 2021, Princeton International Kindergarten has held at each one of its locations a special celebration for the 37th Teacher’s anniversary day .

Where students had the opportunity to place the spotlight on their beloved teachers and recognize the importance of their leadership and mentorship in their lives, while teachers had the chance to enjoy the fellowship.The goodwill of their teammates, and have a day where staff members could break their routine and make some time to connect with those who sometimes may seem invisible.

Doors opened at PICLC, and despite management plans to keep parents from displaying their love and affection for teachers.

Every effort failed as teachers didn’t only have to bring students to theirs classrooms but also have their hands full of bouquets, and arrangements that set the tone for what was coming ahead in Teachers Day at Futian’s location.

Moreover, as kids got settled in their classrooms, children were found undertaking on projects such as writing letters, drawing funny pictures of their teachers.

Or breaking the routine in some random conversation used as an excuse to bond with teachers to show respect and more affection as kids surely don’t fall short when it comes to being transparent and giving love to those they are close to.


As the day continued, and responsibilities kept being tackled, teachers were given the blessing to stop their duty earlier as Princeton’s staff had a plan coming for everyone where latter on the driving force of the school was found heading towards what sealed the evening with food, games, and time for every teacher to treat themselves and others.

The day has been one more day at the office, but certainly the spirit has been a different one that made room to have some fun and remember why teacher do what they do!




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