Run for All Children | 用奔跑的力量传递希望

自 2021年9月成为IB PYP候选学校起,PICLC就秉承着“以学习者(幼儿)为中心”的核心教育理念,致力于培养对世界发展有责任的、有国际情怀的终生学习者。

Since becoming an IB PYP candidate school in September 2021, PICLC has adhered to the core educational philosophy of “learner-centered” and is committed to nurturing lifelong learners who are responsible for global development and have an international outlook.


On December 22, 2023, children, parents, and teachers gathered at Zhongshan Park Baseball Field for a dynamic charity event. They leaped into charitable action, inviting people from all walks of life to participate and teaching children to express love and care through joy.



From the solemn entry of the national flag team and school flag team to the orderly steps of the administrative team and teachers, and the unique slogans of each class, each segment was filled with a sense of ceremony.




PICLC Principal Ms. Doreen expressed in her speech at the charity sports day that charity is an important tradition of PICLC. This is the first time that sports and charity have been combined, truly integrating international education with public welfare, allowing children to grow into loving global citizens.




Director Wu of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital said that since 2019, PICLC has helped seven sick children and raised nearly 100,000 yuan in donations, thanks to everyone’s dedication.



Thank you letter from Shenzhen Children’s Hospital



Teachers, children, parents speak



The competition segment was spectacular, testing both teamwork and individual strength. Every young athlete gave their best to strive for victory, bringing honor to the team and earning recognition for themselves. Let’s take a look at the performances of these young athletes together.





Cheers and applause resounded as children gave their all, competing for honor.





The young athletes displayed exceptional baseball skills.





Different competition events were set up for each grade,

allowing children to develop skills and grow through games.





Every attempt is a step towards growth;

Every failure is an opportunity to learn.





Parents brought energy to the flash mob,

reaching a climax in the atmosphere.



接力赛、点球、Horsey Pull……


Relay races, penalty kicks, Horsey Pull…

Parents also experienced the joy of sports.





Professional coaches demonstrated their agility,

with impressive batting, catching, and base running skills.





Teachers brought vibrant cheerleading performances,

making the atmosphere even more lively.



At the sports day, each booth was filled with the love and creativity of the children: love perfumes, fun clay, beautiful wish bottles, candy houses… attracting many parents and children to stop by. All proceeds from the charity sale will be donated to children in need at Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, contributing to their health and happiness.




In this process, children learned to cherish, understood the value of sharing, and realized that charity is not just about giving but also a transmission of emotions, a form of care and understanding for others.



Parents are an indispensable part of the PICLC learning community. The heartwarming scenes of charity sales and donations completed by the school and parents over the past decade, as well as the touching moments of visiting sick children in need of assistance, are beautiful witnesses to the co-education of the school and home.




At this sports day, once again, we saw energetic moms cheering for young athletes and dads cheering for the charity sale!




Through their actions, parents showed children an invisible educational resource: “positive cohesion,” demonstrating a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and full of love.



Education is not just the imparting of knowledge but also the nourishment of the soul and the shaping of character for children.




In the 2023 Champions Foundraiser, every jump, every swing, and every run were filled with strength. Through sweat and effort, children transmitted love and hope, completing this extraordinary sports day together.




Hope that every child can carry a heart of love and make their own contribution to a better future.

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