ESL Teachers

ESL Teachers


  • 1018 ShenNan Blvd. FuTian, ShenZhen, GuangDong
    Princeton International Children’s Learning Center


  • Elementary Principal

Starting Date  

  • Jan or Feb, 2019


PICLC provides children with a comprehensive Chinese-American bilingual education, while fostering strong multicultural and global values. The Dual-Language Education model will create a playful and full immersion environment where children will discover joy in learning both Mandarin and English language. Each child is taught to value their own individuality, develop their talents, and begin their path as future world citizens.

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Position Overview

The ESL Teacher is responsible for the education of a group of children as part of a teaching team. The teacher plans and implements the curriculum, and with active participation of other members of the teaching team, works with parents and assesses the needs of individual children.


  • English native speakers from USA, Canada,UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand
  • TEFL Required
  • Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education or related field preferred
  • A minimum of 2 years experience teaching in early childhood education.
  • Managing experience in Kindergarten is required
  • Must qualify for legal Z Visa
  • Full-time (Monday - Friday, 40 hours per week)
  • Criminal record check and clean bill of health
  • Actively exhibit a passion for early education and an enthusiasm for learning!

Essential Duties & Accountabilities

  • Instruction is intentional and planned.
  • Maintain daily, weekly and monthly written plans that reflect the individual interest and abilities of the children.
  • Daily instruction of social-emotional skills is provided.
  • Whole-group Circle Time is engaging and purposed.
  • Small-group Teacher Table instruction is intentional and developmentally appropriate.
  • Interactions with children are positive and promote critical thinking.
  • Supporting, emerging literacy and language development in response to each individual child’s interest through whole language experience.
  • Provide integrated English Curriculum that meets the needs of individual children.
  • Engage in a variety of duties (e.g., library supervision, meal time supervision, recess duty, field trip supervision, etc.) necessary to the care of the students and the smooth functioning of the school
  • Good working relationships with coworkers are maintained.
  • The job is taken seriously.
  • Regularly communicate in a professional manner with families, students, and colleagues
  • Be responsible for the appearance, decor, and learning environment of the classroom.
  • Treat each child, co-worker and parent with dignity and respect.
  • View parent-teacher relationship as a partnership.
  • Plan and implement hands-on activities that develop self-esteem.
  • Use and promote positive guidance techniques and a variety of creative and expressive activities.
  • Attend all staff meetings, parent meetings, and other mandatory or required inservice.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding staff, families, and children at all times.
  • Plan several major celebrations each year with Music and Art teacher together: December (Winter Celebration for New Year), Family Sports Day in November, and the commencement in July.
  • Provide supports to school activities (such as Drama Festival, team building, cultural exchange activities, etc.)
  • Fulfill all other responsibilities as assigned by the Director
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