Thanksgiving | 孩子们的心意,都藏在了这些手作里


Excellent Personality in Pursuit of Excellence !



It is the motto of Princeton International Kindergarten. Through daily life practice, we cultivate students’ good character, and gratitude.



Gratitude is both a habit and an attitude. We hope that children can be grateful to the people around them in their own way and face life with a grateful heart.



In the 2023 Thanksgiving practical activity, we guide children to see with their eyes, listen with their ears, perceive the beauty around them with their hearts, and learn to think about how to give back this kindness.



Gratitude has taught children to respect and appreciate what they have




Children hand drew turkey greeting cards and gave them to those we see as our guardians – security guards and chefs, who make sure we are always safe and well-fed.



There is no need for too many words because every stroke and every painting, has fully demonstrated their respect and gratitude.



They are grateful in their hearts, only then can they perceive that every person around them who silently gives is bringing warmth to the world. This external goodwill have taught children to respect and appreciate.




Gratitude is always being with parents




The Parrot class has another kind of warmth.



Children are filled with love and gratitude, making small clips for their parents. This simple and affectionate gift has been given a profound meaning by them – always together.



Perhaps they still cannot understand what “home is the initial harbor, and parents are the most loving, caring support” means.



But the five words’ always together ‘express their deep attachment to their home and endless love for their parents.




Gratitude is the starting point of social responsibility and caring for others




The children of Elephant and Rabbit class already understand that every effort deserves to be seen and appreciated.



They made homemade bouquets to show gratitude and respect to the subway station staff and made perfume for a charity sale and raised funds to treat the sanitation workers to a good lunch.




They, who are still young, interpret this truth through their actions: even small acts of kindness can bring great social significance.



We are deeply gratified to see children learn to care for and be grateful for others. Through sharing and caring, they have experienced true happiness, and their sense of social responsibility, care and awareness are also constantly improving.



Gratitude is an emotional connection that spans through time and space



The power of words is infinite, they can travel through time and space and remain for a long time. The children in the Eagle class chose to express gratitude through words.



Every word and sentence written by them are creatively made into hair bands and given to those who we are thankful for.



So, we see that there are a few people in the young hearts of children, with different emotions and stories between them.



Gratitude is not only an emotion



Gratitude is not only an emotion, but also an action.



This kind of action has taught children the responsibility of being a part of society, as only those who truly understand gratitude will cherish the present more, love others, love society, and love the world better.



Princeton International Kindergarten hopes that every child who walks out of here can carry a grateful heart and use actions to give back to society, making the world a better place because of their existence.

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