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December, 2021

Christmas Charity Bazaar



Christmas started early at Princeton this year. The school was decorated from the start of December and you could feel the Christmas spirit from in the air.

On Thursday, 23 December, Princeton celebrated their Christmas with a fund raising bazaar for a charity close to our hearts. The day started with the students rehearsing their caroling for the night’s performance. The students went home after lunch to prepare for the festivities in the evening.

In the evening we started with Christmas caroling from our different age groups and a performance by our teachers. After all the wonderful activities there was a strange sound outside.

Curious as they are, the students dragged their parents outside and discovered that Santa had put all their presents under the big Christmas tree. With the help of his elves Santa handed out presents while the parents had the opportunity to take pictures of the special moment.


During this month, some of our classes had cooking lessons to teach the students how different types of food are made.


Some of our after-school classes came to an end this month and the progress the students showed are remarkable

Teacher Training

Our teachers embarked on a team building exercise at Shenzhen Bay Park. A big congratulations to our winning team.

What else did we do?

Winter Solstice

We celebrated the turning point of winter by making dumpling on the shortest day of the year. The students had the opportunity to make their own lunch.

The kitchen provided everything needed and educated the children on why dumplings were the chosen delicacy for lunch. After mastering the art of folding a dumpling the students gave them to the teachers to cook and enjoy with their lunch.

Picture day

The students arrived at school in their best Christmas outfits and had the opportunity to take a picture in front of our winter wonderland Christmas tree.

The students gave us their biggest smile to ensure this picture makes its way into the family album.

Ginger bread men

The students had the opportunity to decorate their own ginger bread men for Christmas and received these cookies in a Christmas bag to give to mom and dad to enjoy.

Letters to Santa

At the start of the month the students prepared their Christmas wish list by writing a letter to Santa, asking for the gift of their dreams.

After the students finished their letter they mailed it to the North-Pole using the special Princeton Christmas mailbox.

What to expect in the new month ?

Here’s what to expect, look forward to, and prepare for:

New year’s day

The students celebrate the new year with a long weekend with no school on Monday 3 January.

Lunar new year

Princeton will celebrate the Lunar new year on the last day of school.

Pajama day

Our last day of school will be on the 20th of January and as tradition has it, we will come to school in our pajama’s.

Parent teacher conference

On January 21 the teachers and parents will sit down and meet each other to discuss the progress and plan forward for every student.

Winter break

The students will have winter break from 20 January until 14 February.

Teacher Spotlight :


Teacher Amber is our Chinese lead teacher in the Bear class. She comes from the north of China from a town called Baishan and has a beautiful cat named Zhongqiu. She helps our foreign teachers with some basic Chinese sentences to make their life in China a bit easier.

She is a caring teacher who always keeps the wellbeing and development of her students in mind. If you ask her co-teachers they would even say she is the hardest working teacher at Princeton.



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