读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光





Let us give a big round of applause to Queena from Koala class. She was chosen to be the representative of our school in a fierce talent competition that took place in Shenzhen.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

Her competitors came from different schools and just like her they also had to prove themselves to have talent. Queena showed to be not only talented, but also intelligent and brave.


She had to beat all the other children here at Princeton and go out into the city competition.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

She was so brave because to be all alone on a stage in front a room full of strangers shows how confident she was. She was able to perform and put on a great show and represent Princeton.


We are sure this memory will last her a life time and will help her along the way when doing public speaking. Let’s cheer her on for she showed what it takes to be a fierce competitor.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光




It has been said many times before, do as I do and not as I say. Children learn from their parents and teachers actions more than anything else.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

And if we want children to read more and learn more we must be the role model and the support they need in order to acheive goals beyond their own immagination.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

During the 21 day reading competition children from all the grades had a chance to read for 21 days withouth skiping a day.

We are very proud of those who were able to do this and get a wonderful experience from this.

因此,家校联合,我们举办了21天阅读打卡活动,在老师和家长的组织和监督下,所有年级孩子都要连续打卡21 天,从而养成一个连续阅读的良好习惯。


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

If you didn’t get a chance to participate this year you should try next year but also you can do this with your kids anytime not only during this competition.

As it is key to teach children the joy of reading from a young age so later on they don’t see it as a home work or a boring task. Let’s keep on explorring books which are a gateway to knowledge.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光




What an awesome event the English Oral Competition was.

Each grade and class had a representative and they got to go on stage and display their skills. Whether it was singing, dancing, reading a story and or an introduction of themselves.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

These were very brave kids who stood in front of over 150 people and were able to showcase their talents.

Every single one of the competitors displayed some great talent on stage and put on a great show for their classmates, teachers and parents. Hooray for the brave and talented!!!

这些勇敢的宝贝们站在 150 多人面前,丝毫不畏惧,或分享故事、或唱歌、或跳舞,每个宝贝都为同学、老师和家长带来了一场精彩的表演,展现出了自己独特的风采。

读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光



Mystery box proved to be a really rewarding weekly event for the children. We are very thankful for the parents that participated and those that didn’t you can try next year.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

Every single student was tuned in to the stories being shared by parents every Thurday, and from toddlers to kindergarten they all had smiles before the event and even bigger smiles after the event


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

Kids really enjoyed stories being shared by their parents and or their classmates parents.

From toddler class to kindergarten you could hear children singing to the tune of the song in the hallways of the school throughout this month. « Mystery box, mystery box, what’s inside the mystery box ? »

孩子们真的很喜欢自己父母或同学父母分享的故事。 为什么这么说呢?从小班到大班,整个月你都可以听到孩子们在学校的走廊里唱着神秘读者的主题曲mystery box—— “mystery box,mystery box,what’s inside the mystery box? ”

读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

If you took part in this particular event we thank you and hope this won’t be your last time!






There were so many books being sold on the day of the book fair, and you could also see tons of smiles from all attendees.


The children were so happy to have a chance to buy a book and or books of their choice but also they were super happy to be selling to their friends. And recommending books to one another.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

Unfortunately the rain came down on the event and we had to halt the sell for about 10 minutes but then we proceeded with the event and the students were happy to be at the event buying and selling again.

虽然活动中的阵雨让我们不得不停止销售大约 10 分钟,但随后在我们继续进行的活动中,宝贝们兴致不减,依然积极主动地再次参与到活动中。

读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

Books, smiles, rain, books, smiles and rain. Our Book fair went something like that.


We thank those parents who were part of this event and we hope to see them and others next year.


读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

We are also very happy to have collected a large sum of money that was donated to a charity of those less fortunate.





读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

读书月 | 活动有期,读书无尽,爱读书的你会发光

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