PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

Our job as educators is to offer the best example for young minds; minds that are an open window for knowledge and that are hungry for information.


PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

In the educational field, it is essential to be informed and updated at all times; our kids are not the only ones who are constantly learning.

PICLC takes care of its faculty and keeps them motivated with ongoing training in different fields. Our children grow and we grow with them.


PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

The world of Wonders is the most important program at PICLC; the curriculum contains a broad guide on the knowledge that our children should be acquiring according to their developmental stage.

At the beginning of the semester the Chinese and international staff participated in a training session on the world of wonders program.

They had the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge through an online conference; they listened to ideas and had a discussion to share their best practices.


学期伊始,中外教参加了关于Wonders 教材的培训。我们通过在线会议来增强自己的知识,听取教育前沿带来的想法,并进行了讨论和分享。

PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

The new teaching director of the Research department offered a training on the prejudices of mental over stimulation; that is, information that is not suitable for our children to know.

According to the stage they are in, there are certain topics that they should not know yet. The goal is that when our children go to primary school, they will be interested in the new classes, they will be surprised and motivated.

It is important to respect the process of our children so that they can enjoy each stage in the appropriate way and continue a normal development.




PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

The head of Chinese teachers trained us to understand more about family communication within homes and shared a number of useful recommendations for effective family communication and positive parenting.

In this way we can work hand in hand with households and offer better guidance to support our children.



PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

When our children go home to enjoy the weekend on Friday afternoons, the teaching staff meet to share and discuss the good practices that they carry in each of their classes; they talk through examples that they have used to teach and the outcomes of those teaching methods.


PICLC教师培训 | 细化教研方式,赋能专业成长

Resources, ideas and personal knowledge is the valuable information that we all share to grow together as the great family of PICLC.


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