Flea Market & Book Sharing




What is Going on Lately?


Princeton has worked to create a successful and bustling flea market.

  • Spoken English and world understanding has developed through real life situations.
  • Children have been developing their reading and sharing their favorite books.
  • Weekly reading events are held in the auditorium.
  • A magnificent push has been made to assist in the emotional and empathetic development of the students.
  • A staggering 9,405RMB has been raised for Children in Need.

Here at Princeton – we have had a very active few weeks. Despite being busy, busy, busy – the children have worked hard and found the time to help raise money for those less fortunate than them – and to work on developing their reading, interests, and sharing.

  • 我们体验了一个温馨的亲子阅读时光和一个热闹非凡的跳蚤市场。
  • 在真实的环境中,我们拓展了对世界的认知,提升了英语沟通能力。
  • 孩子们在漂流图书中感受到了分享的快乐和亲子阅读的乐趣,养成阅读习惯。
  • 我们在每周五的集体阅读会中,感受绘本的魅力。
  • 我们富有同情心,积极贡献旧物,慈善义卖,集资去帮助需要的人。





What is a Flea Market?


A flea market is an open-air market place; hosted by independent sellers. Primarily they are used as a means of selling old personal belongings – with a focus on the aura of cherish and marks of time.

A flea market reminds us that there is meaning and purpose in all things; old or new doesn’t matter, but the memories linger within the objects. A flea market is a bustling bazaar filled with a cacophony of sounds. Laughter, haggling, talking, story swapping – you can find it all and a good flea market.





What Have we Been Doing?


For the last two weeks, both staff and pupils alike have worked hard to make the flea market event a staggering success. With the students’ eager attitude to learn, and an enthusiastic approach from all members of staff, Princeton has put a strong effort into facilitating the emotional growth of the students.

We have been working hard to carefully approach the subject of those less fortunate – and to teach this to the children in an accessible manner. This has been a beautiful chance to help develop their understanding of the world around them – and how they can contribute towards the betterment of what is around them.

To work towards this, the staff at Princeton have had many classes and activities dedicated to teaching them about the different types of lives people lead around them, as well as how to interact with a flea market. There have been classes based on currency and how/where it can be used. This has directly affected the students understanding and development of numeracy skills – helping them to improve their additions and subtractions.

We further held classes talking about the different types of currency around the world, getting students to pay attention to the different colours, shapes, sizes, and designs that make each currency unique.

The classes were bright and active to help the children feel comfortable and confident as they took in the new knowledge of the world around them, and the differences that bring us together.

Throughout all the new work we’ve been doing within class, the students have approached all subject matter with confidence, courage, and compassion. We are very proud of the work they put into their education.






What Happened?


As the school day began, we made headway setting up the pre-school stands, making a display that showcased the memories, merit, and value in each of the class’ `merchandise`.

The signs for every class were unique, showing the differences and harmony between each one. We put together all of the stands as a team, helping one another to create an authentic flea market. Every toy was branded with a price tag that was easy to read so every child could independently identify the cost, and count out the right amount of money.

After setting up all of the stalls and signs, it was time to welcome in the students. We started our day the same as usual, having a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Each class on the selling front was prepared, given instructions on how to stay safe, and reminded to keep a teacher or parent in sight at all times then we were off. With games to play, and armed with a 100rmb per student, the students flocked around the stalls with a gleeful look in their eyes.

They bought up as much as they could carry and placed it within their shopping bags, beaming with joy the whole time. Each and every student stood outside, talking and showing off their new toys and items.

Once the money was spent and the merchandise was gone, we ushered the students back to class so that they could take a quick moment to reflect on their new belongings, drink water, and use the bathroom. We had our English classes, with an extra addition to help with vocabulary pertaining to the flea market. After lunch and a nap – we started again.

During the lunch break, teachers of the kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classes started their own prep, making their stalls as enticing and infatuating as the previous ones.

With the younger students of our fine school going out filled with energy, and armed with their spending money, they flocked outwards to each and every stand. They were mature, and understanding, paying close attention to the price of each item, and independently counting out their money and handing over correct amounts.










On top of preparation for the flea market, students have also been engaging in a book sharing activity. This has presented the students with an opportunity to incorporate their school activities with their parents, whilst simultaneously developing their reading skills.

Teachers have created a positive environment during class for students to practice their reading, to help improve their confidence as they practice at home.

Our book sharing exercise was a great chance to demonstrate towards the students how and why we take care of belongings – and the respect we place upon items that aren’t ours. With this in mind, they are consistently generating pride amongst their teachers.



Time to Share our Books!


Each class created its own unique design, to provide students with their own bags to carry and transfer the books between one another. The bags were embroidered with the students name, which was given to the receiving children. This meant we were able to monitor who received what books, effectively avoiding repetition.

Alongside this, it helped protect the books, and make sure nothing was lost during the exchange.

For the past two weeks, students have brought to school a collection of their own personal books. Every Friday teachers have distributed these books between the students, rotating between the students so everyone can enjoy new and exciting material to read.

At home, students will read these books either with a family member, or by themselves. Encouraged to share the experience, the children have told their family which books they liked, and why.

When the weekend has come to an end, parents will sign off the report card, so the books can go to a new home; bringing further joy to each new reader.

Watching the children grow, develop, and work hard to find and improve upon their hobbies; something we staff truly cherish. It is our pleasure to help facilitate this growth – which is why we have been delight to host reading events for the children, every Friday since December began.

As each group reading sessions begins, the auditorium is filled with laughter, talking, and excitement throughout each and every the class. The desire to know what books they will be reading this time, and the joy of seeing their teachers on stage, shines through the students faces.

When it came time to play games, answer questions, or listen to the story book – children of every age dove into the atmosphere and participated with all their hearts. Screaming answers towards the stage, wanting their teachers and peers to know they were listening. Listening intently to the reader and absorbing the pictures from the book, the room fell silent.

These events feature a variety of our Foreign and Local teachers, who each perform with vigor a story book of their choosing. Through this, we hope to instill within the students an understanding of the wonders reading can bring upon us.

Encouraging them to look fondly upon the group readings, and the moments they spent reading the new books. The report cards for each student show the emotions that came with reading, and spending time with family. Each card signed with a favorite page, reminding students to look back on the books they read and remember exactly what made it such a special moment.

Princeton has, and continues, to enjoy participating in our Book Sharing event – listening to the children as they excitedly unload every detail about the books they have read, and looking on with pride at the pictures we have been sent showcasing the students engrossed in the new literature.

As the book sharing events continues onwards towards its end, it is our hope that everyone involved will pursue a passion for reading, diving into a new world as turning of every page.













Because of the efforts put forth by parents, students, and staff; Princeton is proud to say that we have raised a staggering 9,405RMB. This amount will be given to the main members of the parent committee, who will help us to send the money to those less fortunate than us.

Both our Flea Market, and book reading events, would not have been a success if not for the hardworking parents who contributed and put their all into making it a fun filled day to support the charitable cause.

Together we want to offer our most sincere gratitude; a generous task has been seen through to fruition because of each and every person working together at Princeton, and at home. Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.





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